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Nice big tits

Shelia Marie kept trying to think of reason to go to her neighbor’s house. She always ended up borrowing something. All because she wanted to fuck the guy. One day Shelia Marie got up the nerve to ask if he would like to fuck. Luckily for her, this guy has a real fetish for pornstars. Especially ones with nice big tits. That turned her on so much, she rode his cock like a wild horse. She even put her mouth to good use and sucked his cock.


She sucked his cock

The pornstar that was supposed to show up on the porn set, didn’t. They were in need of a pornstar to fuck this guy for their porn scene. So, they went out looking for a pornstar that they could work with. That’s when they ran into Shannon Kelly. As you can see, she worked out just fine. In fact, the guy said he was glad the other pornstar didn’t show up. He fell in love with the way she sucked his cock. It goes to show, good things can come out of bad situations.